Fuel equipment and spare parts for diesel engines.

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Fuel equipment

PE "NARYZHNYI INDUSTRIES GROUP" since 2 000 began its own production of plunger pairs and sections high pressure. Today we produce MAZ, KAMAZ, UTN plunger pairs of all modifications, including standard "Euro-1" and "Euro-2", as well as


Metal cutting tool

PE "NARYZHNYI INDUSTRIES GROUP" is a manufacturer of monolithic carbide metal cutting tool, is not inferior to German counterparts. We provide a full cycle of restoration services tool, the stability of which is not inferior to the new.


Manufacturing of implants for traumatology

A promising direction of our company is the production of implants for traumatology and dentistry. PE "NARYZHNYI INDUSTRIES GROUP" performs a full cycle of production of high-precision parts for osteosynthesis.



The NARYZHNYI INDUSTRIES GROUP company provides metalworking services! We manufacture parts according to customer's drawings. We have 100 machines at our disposal that carry out a full range of processing equipment: 20